There are ten main factions who rule the lands of Adicenia. They are mostly known as 'The Ten' and about 80% of all folks of Adicenia are associated with one of them. There are also a lot of other groups, guilds, clans etc.

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The Xoreth used to be wise firemages and mighty warriors with great honor. They symbolize fire, chaos and destruction and this greatly affects their fighting style. The Xoreth only measure the force of their army in amounts, not in strength and if their numbers exceed those of the enemy they engage. According to them any recruit worthy of joining their ranks should be able to destroy a member of the enemy's army no matter what.
This way Xoreth recruits mostly die quickly because they have to face stronger enemy's like behemoths but still every Xoreth who isn't old or disabled is in the army or a pyromancer.


The manacordian started as a pact between the mages of all the continents and even mages of other dimensions came to join. They were lead by the mighty Nakotihu clan and because of that the manacoordians are representing Water, Logic and Intelligence.
They tried to create stronger and more reliable magic so that everybody would have everything they needed so that there was nothing to make war about and eventually succeeded.
This mighty magic was known as the ometo. It was powerful and only the leader of the Nakotihu was allowed to cast it. But exactly like that the war started. More and more people desired the force of the ometo and in the end they started a revolution. Like this the manacoordians decreased in force to what they are now. They are still mighty and wise but they specialize in water magic and assassination now.


The Iotegian represent thunder, logic and progress. they are also known as the people of the coursed desert. their city's are huge moving machines to live in the coursed desert without being affected by its dark aura. the iotegians have the most advanced technology of all factions. For them magic is just a tool to power or repair machines and it is unnecessary to use it in combat because it is unreliable. the iotegians are non-religious and consist mostly of dwarfs and goblins.


The Nixien are a folk of normadic elementals, golems and other magical creatures. they represent Ice, Silence and Tranquility. they are led by their old creator Îdörak and their capital is near the axis. the reason for them to live in the abandoned north is that they don't need any security guards or shield spells. any possible intruders that aren't elementals will be torn apart by the extreme storms soon. The reason that the elementals can survive the storms is that îdörak has parted the  land in 5 layers . they are only accessible through magic portals which he can control himself. Each layer consists of two of the elements and all elemental beings who do not bring violence are tolerated to live here.


Lumitian stand for light, peace and purity. The Lumitians try to stay out of almost all wars and are strictly against killing people. they only kill to prevent more deaths and even then only if it is absolutely necessary. still they are always at war against monsters. they see them as impurity's for they kill without logical reason. they have strong paladins and wise shieldmages. their combat strategy is basically to keep the enemy in line of sight and close him in with big paladin formations. The lumitian army's are very small and in total they have barely 250,000 soldiers but due to the shieldmages and well armored paladins they have no casualties.


The Æreon are a faction of valkyrie, angels and harpies. They represent Air, speed and flight. They live simple lives. they live in flying city's which have no paths between the houses and are basically just balloons with small wooden houses.


The Geduroth consist of all kinds of races but the most notable one is probably the sandling. They represent Rock, Stamina and stability.


The Vitrageos stand for Life, Growth and Nature. The Vitrageos' landscape mainly consist of jungle, it has a long coast line with many beaches and its home to many exotic creatures.


The umbareos are the archenemies of the Excir and they represent Darkness, Loss and Weakness. They focus on the souls of opponents in combat. They can absorb souls to become more powerful and can even solve souls from their body's and create wraiths.


The Excir embody Death, Flesh and Fear. They have an army of undeads and resurrect their enemy's to fight on their side.

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