Adicenia Wiki

Adicenia is home to a multitude of races, species and subspecies with several different categories and origins, this is the complete overview of them.

Native races[]

The term native races, or first ones is used to refer to all those races that where created by the ten gods, mostly before they had established their respective factions but some, such as the seraph where created much later.

- Human

- Seraph

- Ork

- Goblin

- Imp

- Ogre

- Tadareen

- Felineans (Aka catfolk)

- Avian

- Dwarf

- Centaur

- Troll

- Gnome

- Seafolk

- Harpy

- Slithereen

- Jadereen

- Pixie

- Sand kin

- Voidling

- Dragonling


The elves are several related subspecies with varying degrees of shared traits, the following races fall under the elven species:

-Necrotic Elves

-Wood elves

-Nocturnal Elves

-Celestial Elves

-Common Elves


Although the native races where the first to settle and spread across Adicenia, before the Ten gods had started to influence Adicenia the lesser divines had already spawned life upon the world. These occupied geographically insignificant amounts of space and the last went extinct with the arrival of the earliest native races, leaving little remains of civilization.

- Saldareen

- Daery

- Nrefy

- Satyr

- Empyrean