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Lumitian stand for light, peace and purity. The Lumitians are a theological Monarchy under guidance of Prince Adrian and the Lord of Light. They are highly theological, and because of this being rooted in their religion, avoid bloodshed and casualties from their own side alike. They consider anything created by the Lord of Light before the first Era as sacred and will fight tooth & nail for their beliefs.

Large monsters, originally born from Sorisana's acts of creation still roam their lands, and are considered unholy impurities according to the scripture of the light. The great damage these creatures have inflicted onto Lumitian life has given birth to the hunter's guild, which is a popular destination for tourists and adventurers alike.

Militarily, the Lumitian rely mostly on Paladins and Shildmaidens, with heavy cavalry & formation based combat playing a crucial role, often supported by Priests and Seraphs of light, these military formations are known for their might and to avoid casualties alike. Other Specialized combatants found commonly in the Lumitian are the fearsome Demon Hunters trained by the inquisition and sent into all corners off Adicenia to smite that which they consider unholy, as well as Zealots, combatants specifically meant to settle grudges with very little regards to their own life, and mages who are part of the clergy and specialize in light magic & powerful blessings alike. Supported by clever strategists and large quantities of archers, the standing army of footsoldiers & peasantry hardly suffers any casualties, making the Lumitian a huge military might.

Following in the Footsteps of King Gregory the Wise, Prince Adrian came into power at a very young age following the assassination of his Brother, Gregory the Younger. While he may be considered an impulsive and inexperienced leader, he does follow the word of the Lord of Light in his judgement and has proven his & his vassals ability on the battlefield many times.

What the Lumitian lack in technology or powerful magics they compensate for with the powerful blessings & aid bestowed directly upon them by the lord of light, in addition to the notoriously indestructible Celesteel plate armor.


The Lumitians try to stay out of almost all wars and are strictly against killing people. they only kill to prevent more deaths and even then only if it is absolutely necessary. still they are always at war against monsters. they see them as impurity's for they kill without logical reason. they have strong paladins and wise shieldmages. their combat strategy is basically to keep the enemy in line of sight and close him in with big paladin formations. The lumitian army's are very small and in total they have barely 250,000 soldiers but due to the shield mages and well armored paladins they have no casualties. The Lumitian is disgusted by the thought of undead creatures, since they go against all they represent.


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