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The Iotegian are a great faction and part of 'The Ten'. The Iotegian consist of a varity of races but mostly of Dwarves, Goblins, Humans and Elfs. They represent thunder, logic and progress.


The desert now known as 'the cursed desert' used to be a flourishing pine forest. In a war against the Xoreth legion, even with the help of the Vitrageos, the forest was burnt down and cursed. Meridek, the former leader and brother of Mirax sacrificed himself so his army could fall back. Immediately after Meridek died, the watcher of the flame panicked and he burnt down the entire forest. When Meridek died and the forest was entirely gone, the war was over.

The curse on the desert makes it hard to stay on a single location, because of this reason the Iotegians decided to live on giant vehicles called 'Sandskiffs'.


Notable members[]

Islaya - Princess.

Serbio - King.

Gryhon - Father of Serbio, former king.


The Iotegian live in 'the cursed desert'. Due to the curse that lie on it the Iotegian have to stay in motion so they build their city's in huge sandskiffs that continuously move through the desert.


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