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The Goblins were created by Îdoräc, with a task to free the Imps from the slavery. The imps didn't like the idea to be freed and they slaughterd many Goblins with their masters. Îdoräc felt sorry for the Goblins and gave them divine wisdom what they used for their machines. After the fight with the Imps the Goblins settled themselfes in big cities or their own settlements and used their wisdom about weapons and defence technology to defend their cities. The Daery didn't like that idea and used their magical weapons and knowledge of the goblin technology to burn down the entire Goblin kingdom. Then the Orks came, they used the Goblins as slaves for their technology and simple tasks. The Goblins worked for the Orks until they all died. The Goblins who lived in the cities became arrogant and they were banished. The only thing the Goblins want now is the dead of the Daery, but they don't know the Daery is extincted already.

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