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There are ten main factions who rule the lands of Adicenia. They are mostly known as 'The Ten' and about 80% of all folks of Adicenia are associated with one of them. There are also a lot of other groups, guilds, clans etc.

The Ten[]


The Xoreth used to be wise Shamans and mighty warriors with great honor before conjoining into a major faction. They symbolize Fire, Chaos and Destruction and this greatly affects their fighting style as well as culture. The Xoreth only measure the force of their army in amounts, not in strength and if their numbers exceed those of the enemy they will engage. According to the rules of honor any recruit worthy of joining their ranks should be able to destroy an opponent, no matter the cost. Furthermore the high mortality rate and perpetular warfare severely limit the Xoreth population, which ensures that there are always enough resources available. Culturally the most distinctive attributes of the Xoreth are the large role their rules of honor play in day to day life and their affinity for fire. Generally the Xoreth tend to accept any Travelers, Visitors or Mercenaries, even for permanent residence, provided they keep the rules of honor at all times.


The manacordian started as a pact between the mages of all the continents and even mages of other dimensions came to join. They were lead by the mighty Nakotihu clan and because of that the manacordians are representing Water, Logic and Intelligence.

They tried to create stronger and more reliable magic so that everybody would have everything they needed so that there was nothing to make war about and eventually succeeded.

This mighty magic was known as the ometo. It was powerful and only the leader of the Nakotihu was allowed to cast it. But exactly like that the war started. More and more people desired the force of the ometo and in the end they started a revolution. Like this the manacoordians decreased in force to what they are now. During the beginnings of the Second Era, the lizardfolk and sea dwellers, who where increasingly affected by the Manacordian settling in floating cities on the Sea, and after a long and bloody war with further losses on either side, finally joined Manacordian society to some extent, although still sustaining many villages hostile to Outsiders. With the losses from this war immediately following those of the War of the Second Era, the Manacordian society has put great effort into higher magical education, preaching peace and acceptance, but the prosperity this is bringing has caused Manacordian to be somewhat complacent according to most of the councils opposition.


The Iotegian represent thunder, logic and progress. Originally, the Iotegian where a foresty mountainside, bordering a Desert on one side and Riverlands to the other. Created by the God of Logic, who took Îdöräk's goblins and Ogres driven away by the Elves, they had technology relying on steam instead of Mana like that of the Umbareos, millenia before magitech was even invented and as such prided themselves on obliterating the Vitrageos and Lumitian alike in war after war. That was until the Xoreth Invasion of the Third Millenium, in retaliation for King Salohier Marrying the queen of the Vitrageos allying them once and for all. During this invasion Meridek lead the charge against the Kings Mechanized Fortress Himself, striking the Kings guard down in a single blow when they rode out, resulting in a siege instead. While Xoreth victory seemed assured, in one final bid King Salohier challenged Meridek to a fateful duel, unknowing that Meridek, like his brother was cursed with immortality. The Kings sudden death resulted in his desperate Wife & Daugher, promising whoever could defeat Meridek their very own Mechanized fortress. The one to step up was a Dwarf, known as Mairtin the Mad, who created a weapon that indeed brought down Meridek, but the entirety of the Iotegian due to reacting with Merideks death, causing his curse to be released turning the entire Iotegian from each of their borders into nothing but a cursed desert. Since then, the Iotegian reside in mechanized, driving cities known as Sandskiff, have become largely atheist and rely on their technology and a now matured Princess islaya instead of their god for guidance, as well as a good firearm.


The Nixien are a folk of normadic elementals, golems and other magical creatures. they represent Ice, Silence and Tranquility. they are led by their old creator Îdörak and their capital is near the axis. The reason for them to live in the abandoned opposite of the equator is that they don't need any security guards or shield spells. Any possible intruders that aren't elementals will be torn apart by the extreme storms soon enough. The reason that the elementals can survive the storms is that îdörak has parted the land in 5 layers in the Second Era. These are only accessible through magic portals which he can control himself, although a defect within the portals due to Îdörak extremely weak state, has caused the layers to somewhat intermix unwillingly. Each layer initially of two of the elements and all elemental beings who do not bring violence are tolerated to live here, but have formed into several smaller sub-climates bringing with it conflict. With the exception all Magical Beings except Dragons are believed to originate from Îdörak's revival of the continent when it froze over, sacrificing him in the process.


Lumitian stand for light, peace and purity. The Lumitians are a theological Monarchy under guidance of Prince Adrian and the Lord of Light. They are highly religious and only kill to prevent more deaths and even then only if it is absolutely necessary. Still they are always at war against monsters, as some of Sorisana's creations settle their lands. They see them as impurity's for they have not been created by the lord of light and cause great death if not culled, which gave origin to the Hunters Guild, now present in every faction. They have strong Paladins, and Shieldmaidens supported by Priests and Angels, as well as a standing army of foot-soldiers and knights. Following in the Footsteps of King Gregory the Wise, Prince Adrian came into power at a very young age following the assassination of his Brother, Gregory the Younger. While he may be considered an impulsive and inexperienced leader, he does follow the word of the Lord of Light in his judgement and has proven his & his vassals ability on the battlefield many times. The Lumitian strategies focus on well-supported defensive frontlines of Paladin and Pikemen with Archers and cavalry for support, making up for what they lack in firepower with holy blessings and swift and decisive counters.


The Æreon are a faction of several god's Seraphs, as well as Avian and Harpies. They represent Air, speed and flight. They live simple but elegant lives in the clouds, with a society based on Status and Honor. With Horoshi, the Lord of Wind having Six Faces, the Aerons Major clans eventually went from inn-fighting to forming new houses, corresponding to the Six Faces. While there was a lot of war between them, which eventually led to The war in the Sky being perpetrated by the Xoreth, eliminating a large part of the faction. This led to an agreement between the six Aeron Houses who all worship the same Lord, to have their battles fought on a smaller scale instead. This led to the rise of a culture of competition and friendly rivalry not just on the race tracks but also when it comes to fighting, known for great swordsmanship, ninjas who can disappear without trace and the feared and infamous Dueslists and Trappers who specialize in single-target and guerrilla combat respectively. Due to their split nature and high quality craftsmanship the Aeron tend to keep good relations with other factions, while also other houses are at war with them at the same time, as war has become a test of strength moreso than an act of hostility to most


The Geduroth are very mixed demographically, but they're the homeland of the Sandkin. Having been colonized many times, by many different tribes and factions alike, just like the homeland of the Tribes, the Titans responsible for Life on the Continent where eventually slaughtered, giving away to destruction and famine. They represent Rock, Stamina and stability. In time of crisis the Sandkin used their innate abilities to bury under the ground, with the aid of Dwarves and Ogres they enlisted for their aid. Until the end of the first Era the Geduroth made due as best they could underground, not thriving, but surviving. Impressed by their fortitude and resilience, The Unmoving One took petty on them and bestowed upon them his powerful earth magic. The millennium to follow was one of prosperity and peace, as the surface was inhospitable and deterred any potential invaders. With the aftermath of the Titans deaths slowly fading however, this changed. Having grown used to earth magic in a very mundane and harmless way, it proved insufficient on the battlefield. Desperate for the aid of divinity once more they prayed and worshiped the Unmoving One, but true to his name he remained still. It was then when a small group of Sandkin Elite decided to pray to something else instead, the Dragons, an ancient prayer passed down through a family in a language that eats the mind proved to be answered. With the Aid of the Dragons the Dragon Worshipers where declared their leaders. The next generation however was found unworthy of the Dragons as they instead turned on them. Making the Geduroth believe this was an assault on ALL of them, they founded the Dragon Hunters in response, who've successfully hunted dragons to near extinction with the exception of those the still so called Dragon Worshippers have enslaved. Enduring cruel reign and hard labor, the Geduroth value honesty and trade, pride themselves on their law-abiding, if draconian society as they still believe the surface to be unsafe, and practice isolationism, if you're not a trader or miner.


The Vitrageos stand for Life, Growth and Nature. The Vitrageos' landscape mainly consist of jungle, it has a long coast line with many beaches and its home to many exotic creatures.


The umbareos are the archenemies of the Excir and they represent Darkness, Loss and Weakness. They focus on the souls of opponents in combat. They can absorb souls to become more powerful and can even solve souls from their body's and create wraiths.


The Excir embody Death, Flesh and Fear. They have an army of undeads and resurrect their enemy's to fight on their side.

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Order of the Void

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