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Welcome adventurers to the the Fandom page of the mythical world of Adicenia!

This is the main database at this moment. Find us on for more info, artwork and epic stories. (Website currently under construction.)

What is Adicenia[]

Adicenia is basically the idea of a fantasy world that has almost everything, zombies, robots, steampunk and magic. It is like the storyline for an epic game but it isn't the game itself. its basically just an idea we want to work out. We currently need some artworks, fanfic and stuff like that so if you're interested in drawing/ writing stuff for us just leave a message on my talk wall

greeting: joexdtry

ps. Please note that adicenia is copyrighted. You are allowed to use it for art or fanfiction but only for NON-commercial use!


- The official Adicenia website has now aired!

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