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The Æreon is one of the ten and they represent Air, speed and flight. They are known for their difference in culture within a single faction.


Æreons are divided in different families, these families are not based on the bloodline but are chosen based on a personality. The Æreon believe there is only one god, one with multiple faces. Each face stands for a personality and only one personality is the face of the true god.


Within the Æreon, the fledgling needs to chose one of the six faces to completely join a family. The faces are existing out of the following personalities:

The Face of Anger:

The Face of Pleasure:

The Face of Concentration:

The of Face Sorrow:

The Face of Defiant: In this family the honor is most important. They have only a few fighting and weapon styles because they believe that only the finest of these arts are the best.

The Emotionless Face:

Once decided, one will get a ceremonial initiation. These ceremonies greatly variate between the families.